About Kit Lang

Kit Lang is a Toronto artist whose work falls into three categories: flora and fauna; childhood illustrations; and the Whitewashed and Black and Blue series.

A solitary child, Kit spent much of her time outdoors where she developed a profound attachment to the flora and fauna of the Canadian Shield. Set within the taiga’s rolling hills, lakes, bogs and rocky outcrops of her childhood, the themes and imagery that run through this work include figures from fairy and folk tale and her childhood imaginings; as well as the birds and animals founds there. Her work in this field has been exhibited in the U.S. and Canada in galleries and fiber art shows.

The Whitewashed series seeks to promote equality and social justice and  has been widely exhibited in a variety of venues throughout the US and Canada, including The Art of Justice -  Fine Art Exhibition in Mount Rainier, the Quilter’s Hall of Fame, The World Quilt Show, The City Gallery at Waterfront Park in Charleston, the 2012 Republican National Convention, and as part of the Little Rock Central High School 50th Anniversary Celebration.

Black and Blue depicts people of the African diaspora throughout history. In addition to being exhibited in a number of galleries in the US, works from this series have seen international publication; illustrating scholarly and other articles in a variety of genres in print and online, has been included in three documentaries, and appears in The Canadian Encyclopedia.

Kit’s work has evolved through education and exposure to other artists and art forms, and has led her to embrace a wide range of mediums. Currently, her twin focus is on mixed media textile painting and works on paper.  

Kit’s goal is to transmit something of her intent to the viewer – whether pleasure or happiness, remembrance or discomfort - her hope is that it will ignite a response, and remind viewers of something that matters to them.